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Safe & Secure Voting

Once your Board adopts a Resolution which offers an online voting system for your members, members consenting to vote online may register and vote using Association eBallot offers your association an easy and secure method for your members to vote on issues.

Your association will be asked to provide a roster of eligible voters to Association eBallot. We will register each member on Association eBallot. Each eligible member will be provided a password for his or her account.


Private Voting

Association eBallot complies with the secret ballot procedure required by Chapters 718 and 719 of the Florida Statutes for condominium and cooperative owners respectively.

A member or elegible voter can only cast his or her vote once. After a vote has been submitted the member won’t be able to access the ballot any longer. Furthermore, voting remains anonymous.

Register Your Association Today!

Let Association eBallot handle the voting process for your association.  With Association eBallot your members and/or elegible voters simply make their choice, submit their ballot and you’re done!