Member Online Voting Instructions

Thank you for choosing to cast your membership vote online!

Now that you have made this choice, let’s go over a few steps to make your online voting process as easy as possible.

1. Please make sure your consent form is on file with the Association.

2. You must register online before you can vote. Please click the Voter Registration tab on the top of homepage at

3. You must use the email address you provided in the consent to online voting form you provided to your association.

4. A unique password be emailed to you. You will be asked to create a password and to answer some security questions so your PIN # and Password can be emailed to you in the event you cannot remember them.

5. For security purposes, passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters. If your password is rejected, it is likely because it contains fewer than 8 characters.

6. Write down your PIN # and Password as you will need them later. If you forget them, please see #4 above.

7. Now that you have your PIN # in hand you can proceed to cast your vote. Please click on the Cast Your Vote tab on the homepage and follow the instructions.

8. Type slowly.

9. Speak to your spouse or co-owner to determine which one of you is going to be casting the online vote. If both of you attempt to cast votes, one of you will be rejected.

10. Be sure to click on and review all the materials accompanying your online vote. If you are casting an online vote for an election of directors, your vote is final and irrevocable just as it is with the current paper balloting system. For other types of votes, other than an election can be changed until the question is called at the meeting, not when the online voting is closed.

11. After the vote is closed, you will be able to view the final vote tally online by clicking on the Vote Results tab on the top of the homepage and you will receive a receipt for your vote showing how you voted.

12. If you run into problems at any point during the online voting process, please contact